Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meeting Notes 12/8/2010

We all still agree that Kevin's idea is the most creative and would be the best for our project.

Some things we have decided to add to Kevin's idea are:
Instead of having blank faces, having mirrors to create the experience of seeing yourself in the different roles as a 21st century human.
The students would be in a sort of circle formation. In the middle would be the question "What is a 21st century Human?" (written in tile) then, surrounding it (but still in the middle of the student circle) would be tiles with the answer that students from today will write. We chose to do it this way because there are so many definitions of what a 21st Century Human means to individual people. "What is a 21st Century Human?" is an ontological question that has no set answer. It differs on a person to person basis. These tiles will spread from the question to the students.

Reference picture (above): John Lennon Memorial
Where it says "imagine" will be the question "What is a 21st century human?". Where the tiles are will be where the students will write their answers on tiles. Where the roses are laying on the outside is where the statue students will be placed.