Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meeting Notes 12/8/2010

We all still agree that Kevin's idea is the most creative and would be the best for our project.

Some things we have decided to add to Kevin's idea are:
Instead of having blank faces, having mirrors to create the experience of seeing yourself in the different roles as a 21st century human.
The students would be in a sort of circle formation. In the middle would be the question "What is a 21st century Human?" (written in tile) then, surrounding it (but still in the middle of the student circle) would be tiles with the answer that students from today will write. We chose to do it this way because there are so many definitions of what a 21st Century Human means to individual people. "What is a 21st Century Human?" is an ontological question that has no set answer. It differs on a person to person basis. These tiles will spread from the question to the students.

Reference picture (above): John Lennon Memorial
Where it says "imagine" will be the question "What is a 21st century human?". Where the tiles are will be where the students will write their answers on tiles. Where the roses are laying on the outside is where the statue students will be placed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My thoughts

I completely agree that Kevin's idea is really swell. It shows who we are as a student body. I would like to expand on his a little to keep our brains jogging. We could add a bunch of other symbolic details if we want. Or we could go the other way and make it very simple so that it is up to the viewers perspective. If we went with the details one person could be holding a paper with the fight song on it like they're trying to memorize it, another could be hanging up a poster that has some type of club or theater advertisement because being super involved is the thing now-a-days. If we decided to go simple we could just have them be different colors with them in placed in positions that don't seem weird at first but then if you find out more about it it could be like one person is pointing towards the sun at 3:15 (kind of like a freedom type of thing).

Another idea growing on Kevin's could be if we started out the 'hallway' in highschool and then as you walk through it, it goes into all of the future aspirations that GBS students have (lawyer, doctor, famous rapper) to show how we could grow for the future.

This is all I got

Kevin has an awesome idea! (sorry spence) Can we just all agree and be done?
I honestly have no ideas, there aren't any guidelines and it's throwing me off. I even googled "21st century man" and all that came up was links for song lyrics.
Initially I was thinking something corresponding to the bully issue, but that seems too constricted.
Well the bullying is a result of people teasing people for being who they are (that was an intelligent way of putting it, I know). We could do two statues (boy and girl) with all different looks, two different eyes, torso, arms, legs, etc? "Be who you are" Or something like that
I know someone, I think it was Spencer, suggested we had a painting of the flag as it appears on the wall outside at 3:15. I was thinking we could have a statue of a student (or multiple) or of Tommy the Titan so it looks like the sculpture is holding the flag. It'll give off the illusion that we're proud of the school... I don't know, just a rough idea!
Whats poppin' group?! My contribution goes a lil' something like this:

          I think we should have a "hallway scene" for the monument/statue. I suggest we have between 6-10 statues of different students somewhat spread out, holding bags, backpacks, wearing different clothes, etc. every statue should be a different color, white, black, yellow, green, etc. and they should all have a blank face with no expressions and no facial features what so ever.
          There should also be an engraving in the ground saying, Glenbrook South High School: "With unique backgrounds and cultures, we all have the same purpose and goal.", and this will obviously relate to education.